Client: Fourfront Group
Project: Write and design guides to feature on new website
Date: December 2013 to January 2014

With a new website on the horizon, Area Sq (the office design arm of the Fourfront Group) was keen to create a network of guides and brochures to feature on the website as ‘downloadable content’ for visitors and potential customers.

The business approached the writing team at GoldSand Digital, as we were already generating blog and news content for their website. They tasked us with creating ideas for ten documents, sourcing the information and generating the content.

The group was clear that it wanted to create modern, useful and engaging guides that would help drive traffic to the website and

reflect the knowledge and expertise within the business. This project formed part of a larger content marketing plan that GoldSand Digital is also involved with.

The topics for the group’s informative guides ranged from ‘How to generate a sustainable workplace’ to ‘A guide to an active and healthy workplace’.

Once the copy was finalised and approved, the design team at GoldSand Digital created icons and imagery to bring the guides to life and help readers engage with the concepts inside.

The designers and writers worked closed with the group’s marketing team to ensure the content and the design of the guides were in line with the new Area Sq website, and provided the right level of information for potential buyers.