Lookers PLC


Client: Lookers PLC
Project: Create digital magazines to engage customers and build interest
Date: October 2013 to December 2013

The southern division of this top 10 automotive group has moved from only creating hard copy newsletters to a blend of digital newsletters and hard copy brochures. GoldSand Digital was selected to write, design, market and provide detailed reports on the digital magazines in 2013.

The editorial team at GoldSand Digital visited each of the dealerships at the beginning of the quarter to get a good idea of the challenges approaching in the final quarter of 2013, and to better understand how the content of each magazine could meet those challenges head on. From Volvo to Jaguar and from Lexus to Land Rover, each of the magazines were written differently to accommodate the variety of targets and objectives each dealership had. Professional writers at the agency interviewed dealership employees, customers, local businesses and head office employees to ensure each magazine was comprehensive, engaging and accurate.

The design team then created the magazine pages ‘on brand’, working with the brand guidelines and the writing team to maximise the stories included in each magazine. The objective of the design team was to utilise the space in a different way to more traditional print projects.

Magazines were delivered on time to customer databases, and reports were supplied to each dealership indicating who opened the magazine and which pages were popular. This intelligence allowed the marketing team to provide reports in the form of lead lists for sales teams to act immediately on and close new deals for the respective dealership.

Digital magazines launched in Q4 with Lookers PLC, click below to view the magazines: