Social Media

Social Media


The 2013 Social Media Examiner showed 86% of marketers indicating that social media is important for their business.

Social media has revolutionised the way we communicate. From newsrooms to large corporations, almost everyone is impacted by social media in some form every day.

But, despite it playing such an important role in our lives, the speed at which it evolves means many companies are struggling to get a hold on it.

Utilising social media for your business as part of an intelligent communication strategy will help you connect more closely with your customers and prospects and help build your brand in a positive and creative way. But social media can’t be fully put to work if it’s given minimal input. Keeping your accounts up to date, interacting with customers and building an engaged audience requires daily upkeep.
Many companies simply aren’t set up to manage this effectively and because social media is often seen as a softer way to build the business, its priority level far too often slides down the scale of importance.

What this means is that although there may be a desire for a social media strategy and understanding of how effective it can be, if it isn’t managed well, it won’t get the results you want.

We are experts at creating, managing and maintaining entire social media strategies to ensure your company voice is seen and heard every single day, on multiple platforms, in a way that is relevant to each.

Social media, the way we do it, underpins all campaigns we create. It enables us to share your message further and to work with highly engaged market leaders who we can leverage to share your message in a positive light to their audience.