More than half (51%) of B2B companies use whitepapers as part of their content marketing strategy, according to the B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends Research Report (2012).

Whitepapers are still one of the most effective tools to generate leads for B2B companies. Creating valuable, interesting and well-researched whitepapers enables your business to share expertise to a wider audience in a quick and efficient way.

Whitepapers form the basis of an effective lead generation strategy. They can be utilised to help build an audience or to identify who from your audience is interested in finding out more about the services you provide.

Regularly creating and sharing whitepapers on very specific topics not only helps customers understand exactly what you offer but it can also be a savoured standalone resource to help them improve their business results. And because your whitepapers are written once, they can become a library of
useful information that customers and prospects will return to again and again.

Our team of professional writers are experts at bringing your expertise and company knowledge to life in a practical whitepapers that are written in a way that helps your customers get real value.

These flexible resources can be utilised in so many different ways. Lead generation, lead nurturing, sending on to lapsed prospect, building up a thought leadership resource, cut up into other products, added together to create ebooks or even placed on your website as unique and fresh content.

We work with you to identify engaging topics and angles on your services that are proven to help your customers.

We then write and design your whitepaper using your voice and brand guidelines to ensure the end product looks beautiful and, most importantly, reads well.